All about Wide Receivers

Who's your favorite wide reciever in the NFL???

About Me

My name is Javon Newton and I'm a 10th grader at F.L Schlagle High School. My favorite football position is wide reciever because it's simple,fun, and it's the most noticed position in football, besides quarterback. Currently my favorite wide reciever in the NFL is Antonio Brown.

Is The Reciever Position Hard?

Wide receiver has become one of the toughest positions to adapt to in the pros. There are a lot of challenges that factor into this: Getting off of press coverage, getting separations on a break, running disciplined routes (both in terms of positioning and timing) and mastering the sight adjustments and choice routes.

What I already Know

I already know a lot about the receiver position. I know the routes, ways to get away from a defender, and also I know the different ways you can catch a ball. However, there are still many things I wan't to learn. One being how to catch a ball and keep my feet in bounds at the same time. It may sound easy, but beleive me it's not. There are also still things I NEED to know in order to play the position

My Process

To be a receiver you must know how to adjust to a defender. According to Jay Norvell, "Body control and agility are essential to a receiver’s success". Body Control is important to a receiver for many reasons.

This video shows why body control is important to a wide receiver

Wide Receiver Footwork and Ball Drills- WR David L
Strength is also very important for a receiver. Strength can help in many ways. According to Jay Norvell,"It helps players get off the line when the defensive back tries to jam them". Strength helps when two players are fighting for position as they run down the field and work for position on the ball. Strength also helps when going up for high balls and jump balls.

This Video shows why strength is important to a wide receiver

Wide Receiver Techniques to Shed Coverage

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