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What is this?

spies use different tools to do their jobs , these are some of them:

Bionic Listening

Bionic Listening is a tool wich listen to the nature or birds when you go on your favorite observation point . This bionic listening device will be your most useful tool .

· One advantage of Bionic Listening is that you can listen any people that are talkink arround you 100km.

· One disadvantage of Bionic Listening is that if you move this to the sun you listent a sharp noise.

Spy Glasses

Hidden camera glasses have a built in color spy camera. The mini pinhole camera is in the center of the eyeglass frames so you can record exactly what you are looking at. With the hidden eyeglasses camera you can record High resolution video with one push of a button. These spy glasses will keep a video record of everything you see.

· One advantage of Spy Glasses is that you can film any peopl that you can see with the glasses.

· One disadventage of Spy Glasses is that the resolution of the cam isn't good.