Jiri Kylian

By Kayla Shepherd

Modern Dance

Jiri Kylian has dedicated most of his life to dance, he started dancing at the age of 9 and has never stop. He's been awarded scholarships to some of the most elite dance school of ballet and contemporary. in 1970 he choreographed his first dance called paradox. Then both him and Hans Van Manen worked at the NDT which became the work place for many other choreographers like Mats Ek, William Forsythe and Nacho Duato. So they now have shown their part in modern dance.
Jiri style of dance was influenced by slavic folk dance, he's contribute to modern dance is he was using the folk dance but it was adding another level to the style. He would put different types of dances together to make something unique and call it he's own.
Kylian made sure the NDT ( Netherlands Dance Theatre) continued on, they are about to have their 35th anniversary. He wanted to show more the art not the technique, in some of this most famous masterpieces like falling angles and forgotten land.

Little Bit More

He loved romantic classical and neo-classical, they were hes two favorite styles he would want to put into his choreography. He would manly have girls in his pieces and some times men. I watched some of his work, some of falling angels and hes dancers are so in time and the movement isn't flowing its strong and the music is just the background the ladies so off the counts in their mind. the title doesn't really seem to be shown in this piece as much as you thought when watching it but it shows something that you cant really describe.
Here is a sample of his work.