September 12th Weekly Newsletter

First Grade

Weekly Happenings

We really enjoyed having all of our special guests here today! We ate doughnuts, created a special art project and read books together. The students really loved spending the morning with "someone grand!"

Please note a couple of date changes. Picture day is now scheduled for Sept. 24 and Chipotle Night will be on Sept. 30.


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: ART
Tuesday: MUSIC

Thursday: PE
Friday: ART

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: PE
Tuesday: ART
Thursday: MUSIC
Friday: PE

Learning Targets

Math: I can add and subtract within 10.
We started math workshop this week. Students practiced different rotations including math games and practice, math on the computer and math with the teacher. It is great to work with students in small groups and be able to individualize their instruction.

ELA: I can follow agreed upon rules for discussion.

Together as a class we created a chart of "good rules for discussion." Students came up with some great norms such as speak one at a time, respect everyone's ideas and stay on topic. We refer to this chart when we are having class and partner discussions.

ELA: I can write a personal narrative.

This week we learned to write a "small moment" story. We practiced writing stories about one thing in our lives. For example, instead of writing about the entire school day we would write about how we played on the swings at recess.

Science: I predict patterns in the day and night sky.

We continued learning about objects and patterns in the day and night sky this week. Did everyone see the "supermoon" on Monday night?

Behavior: I can be a "now" kid. A "now" kid is a proactive kid. Now kids follow directions the first time, quickly, quietly and exactly.

Sight Words

Sight Words

In first grade, students are required to know 50 sight words by the end of each quarter. We test 6-7 words per week. On Mondays, students will write their weekly sight words in their agendas to practice for the week. We will post the new words on Fridays if you want to get a jump start on sight words over the weekend. The expectation is that students can read the word in 3 seconds without sounding it out.







Dates to Remember

September 24th: Picture day

September 19th: Shull walk-a-thon

September 30th: Chipotle teacher night