3rd World Problem 1st World Country

Sex Trafficking : Our Country's 2nd Largest Crime, in Ohio

Theresa's Story

At the age of 15, Theresa lived in a large house in a nice suburb. On the way home from school one day, she accepted a ride from an older schoolmate whom she had a crush on. He invited her inside, and she accepted based on manners. The substance of the nightmare began when he offered Theresa a drugged soda. She woke up to the reality of being ravaged by him and others, with pictures as evidence. The young man threatened her with the pictures, forcing her to spend two years of her teen life "earning" them back. Her parents and friends were oblivious to the problem and Theresa was too frightened to tell anyone. The young men would sneak Theresa out at night to wealthy suburban areas to meet with men, causing her to be exhausted and traumatized, which lead to low grades and isolation. This horrifying ordeal ended when Theresa was 17 with a job transfer of her father's. Theresa didn't tell anyone about her experience until her now 22 year old daughter was Theresa's age when it all happened. Now, Theresa doesn't just sit back and let trafficking take its toll. She speaks about her experiences across the country and played a major roll in Ohio's trafficking laws, as well as being a member of the Attorney General's Trafficking Comission (Podolak, 2013). Theresa is making a difference instead of being idle, and you can too- donate to organizations like the Polaris Project, volunteer your time to the effort, and become educated.

Widespread Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is widely considered a crime in major cities and third world countries. However, This is a crime tied with the illegal trade of weapons, directly following the traffic of drugs, for the second largest crime in the U.S. Victims have been identified in cities, suburbs, and rural areas in all 50 states and Washington D.C. (DeWine, 2013). Human Trafficking doesn't seem like something that could effect the beautiful state of Ohio in a huge way. In fact, however, Toledo is the third largest U.S. city for child trafficking and slavery (Inglish, 2013).

This crime is no longer going unnoticed. Over the past year alone, 30 victims and 21 traffickers have been recovered in Ohio, excluding those in Toledo. Ohio has conducted 17 arrests that resulted in 15 prosecutions in the last year, and Toledo is undergoing a federal investigation. Ohio Governor John Kasick also took a firm stand in signing legislation to set up obligatory cooperation of state and local agencies or organizations that allows them to pool their resources for the goal of the elimination of human trafficking.


Get involved with different organizations. Take the Covering House for example. You could sponsor a girl. A girl that has gone through so much that no one deserves to go through. By sponsoring a girl, you could help give her group meetings to help recover from what she went through. You could do this, by saving school lunch money and packing instead.

FIRST: Pack your lunch for 2 weeks.

Lunch prices are around 2.50 per person. By packing your lunch for 2 weeks, you would save 25 dollars.

SECOND: Save up total amount of money from the year. (Not including June, July, and August. The total amount should be around 225 dollars.

LAST: Visit the Covering House website. Click donate and give that 225 dollars to one, or two girls who have had to endure more in their life, then anyone should have.


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