Up Coming Class Work

Some of what you will learn in Technology Class

Google Drive

Google drive is what yo will learn more about this bimester. You will learn new uses one the spreadsheet doc and normal documents. After you will have a test on spreadsheet new uses.

Khan Academy/Code.org

This two websites are made for you to learn programing. Starting to learn about programing will help you for when you arrive to 9th grade from where they will show you more about this teme.


The blogs will be made by you about whatever you like. The blogs or websites if you make one will be of your choice and you will just add whatever else your teacher tells you.


This would be the fun part. This website you will use to make photos for whatever work or blog they ask you. If they ask you to make a propaganda poster you do it from here or if you need some photos for the project you make them from here.

This was a project that I did with Pixlr

Big image