Agricultural engineer

Tyler Schroeder 3rd hour science

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Career overview

Agricultural engineers have to develop system to provide food and fiber needs of society

Classes that will help

agronomy, physics, advanced math, statistics and you need a agricultural/biological engendering bioengineering

What it will cost

If you go to Madison it will be $12,949 a year and you need four years. That would be $51,796 for all four years. But with everything else like housing food and close is about $106,300.

Pros and cons

Pros are Mostly outside, talking with other people, fixing problems

Cons are some thing inside, Wright reports


Do you like to salve problems and work with other people. Then be a agricultural engender. You will work freely and think on hard problems and draw and design awesome and cool pics of equipment. And solve the problems of the world.You will receive up to $100,000 a year just for trying to solve problems and come up with a new product