Braden Ehlers


  • The capital of Russia is Moscow.
  • The population of Russia as of 2014 is 142,500,482 people.

Russia's Climate

  • In the West of Russia has forest.
  • Northern Russia is a freezing tundra.
  • There are 12 seas on Russia's bolder.

Russia's Borders

  • North of Russia is the Arctic Ocean.
  • South of Russia is Mongolia.
  • East of Russia is the Sea of Okhotsk.
  • West of Russia is Poland.

History of Russia

  • The Cyrillic alphabet starts in AD 860.
  • Napoleon invades Russia in 1812.
  • Putin is elected president of Russia in 1853.
  • In 2010 39 people die from two bombers attacking in Moscow Metro.


  • Chess is the favorite board game.
  • In Russia the most celebrated holiday is New year's Day.
  • Soccer is a favorite sport.
  • Caviar which are fish eggs are the favorite treat in Russia.

People and places

  • More than half of people's religion is Russian Orthodox.
  • In Russian No is Nyet.
  • The Cyrillic alphabet has 33 letters.
  • Russians use what's called the Cyrillic alphabet.


  • The president runs Russia with the help of a prime minister.
  • The economics that are most helpful are oil, coal, and timber.
  • Unemployment is very high in Russia.
  • Most Russians get around by taking the bus, subway, and train.

Russia Cold War

  • Before this war the United Stats and the USSR never fought directly.
  • In this war they both built many nuclear weapons.
  • At this time many counters were very afraid of nuclear war.


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