Memory Potion

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Falling Leaves Apothecary sells the best memory potion in town!

  • Memory potion improves access to long term memories
  • Memory potion facilitates encoding of new memories
  • Memory potion strengthens the connections between memories
  • Memory potion strengthens the Hippocampus
  • Memory potion is an antidote to the Forgetfulness potion
  • Slows the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease

How does the memory potion work?

The memory potion strengthens your synaptic connections

The strengthening of the synapses creates stronger links between memories.

Memories are stored throughout the brain. Therefore there are many synaptic connections.

Each time a synaptic connection is used the synapse is strengthened. The memory potion works by activating a wider neural network each time a memory is accessed. This strengthens the access to long term memories

The memory potion also strengthens the hippocampus. The hippocampus is essential in encoding long-term memories from short-term memories.



  • The memory potion is taken orally
  • The daily dose is 15ml
  • The memory potion should be taken at the same time each day
  • The memory potion should be taken on an entry stomach. We recommend an hour before breakfast.

  • The memory potion is not for those under 18 or those with a 'trace'
  • The memory potion is not for a pregnant person in the first trimester - please consult with our Healer if you are pregnant

Memory potion storage

Your potion must be stored in a warm environment (between 10-18 degrees Celcius)

Your potion must be stored with access to natural light.

We recommend storing on an open work bench or cabinet facing the morning sun

Failure to follow these instructions will render your potion ineffective for which Falling Leaves Apothecary will not be held responsible

If your potion has turned to muddy brown - discard immediately, your potion is no longer effective

Our potions are matured for 50 days before sale - remember to optimise your memory potion experience further maturation at home may boost the effectiveness

We recommend one days maturation for every year of age of the recipient

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