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I have started the January coaching cycle rotation and am having so much fun working with kids and teachers to meet their goals! I am so lucky to work with such a talented group of people.
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Coaching Goal

My role is focused on increasing student achievement by providing continuous, relevant, job-embedded professional development and support focused on the following areas:
  • How to use a variety of technology, including the iPad, to support teaching/learning
  • Ideas and strategies to support ELLs
  • Differentiating for higher learners/GT
  • Implementation of the 5 non-negotiables

App Smash Challenge: Tellegami and Word Clouds

App smashing is the process of using more than one app to create a project or complete a task. This week's challenge involves using word clouds and describing or explaining it using Tellegami, that lets you create and share quick animated videos.

Please remember that these types of projects are entirely possible using only one iPad, and you all have access to 4 iPads that I store in my office in addition to yours. I would be delighted to come into your room and support you in implementing any of these iPad based projects!

In order to encourage more of you to explore the use of iPads with kids, I am offering a prize to everyone who completes the task this week (with a bigger prize for the first finisher).

Here is the link to the challenge.

What's Happening in Classrooms?

This week, I'd like to give you a peek into 4th grade and Annie and Erika's use of learning targets in their classrooms. Their learning targets are clearly posted and carefully unwrapped with kids, making them accessible to the learners. The teacher and students know where they are headed with the learning, and they bring kids back to the target frequently to keep the learning focused. They connect their learning targets to their unit essential questions, helping kids to see how the learning is relevant to them and build understanding of bigger ideas and, ultimately, transfer their learning to new and novel situations. Way to go 4th grade! Check out the photos below.