The 1850 Tribune

America: The Land of Hypocrisy

Welcome Oregon!

Saturday, Feb. 14th 1846 at 9am

Oregon, United States


The president has recently just admitted a new state to our Union- Oregon. The joint-compromise with Britain has no longer been sufficient, and our countries have resolved this matter with the Treaty of 1846. This now makes our country comprised of 33 states, and grants the American people already living their the citizenship and benefits that they deserve. As western expansion continues, surely Oregon's statehood will only serve to extend our country's influence, and bring us closer to Manifest Destiny.


Welcome to America, the land of freedom and opportunity! Here, there are plenty of jobs, but you can bet you won't get hired due to your religion or ethnic background! Hoping to escape from an oppressive life in Europe? Your dreams are only a short sail away- as long as you're a free,native, white male.

Did you leave Ireland because of the potato famine? Here, you can starve for an even higher price! You must have a job to buy potatoes, but we don't hire minorities here. If you can't bear the starvation, we'll pack you up and send you to die at Grosse Ile. Not the best name, but at least you'll perish far from the general public and prevent tarnishing America's precious reputation.

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Religous 'Freedom'

Here in America, we boast religious freedom for all. Unless, of course, you're anything other than protestant. In that case, you're free to convert- just not to worship your own God.

Breaking News: Political Backlash Against Immigration

Current census reports that our good country has taken in 4.2 million immigrants within the past decade. Still today, people are flooding in by the thousands; Germans, Poles and those pesky Irish. "By the day they flood in looking for work, better housing and higher wages. They are taking all of our jobs and taking advantage of our benefits! These foreigners are taking over our nation! We've taken in far too many, for far too long. I say we close our borders now, and stop them where they stand!"

-Thomas White, New Jersey Senator, wealthy landowner, author of the Daily Supremacist

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Kansas Bleeds Dry

Sunday, July 9th 1854 at 9pm

Kansas, United States


Anti and pro-slavery supports continue to spill blood in new American territory as the Kansas-Nebraska Act is negotiated. Anti-slavery groups argue that the act nullifies the previous 36-30 degree line that was set to divide slave and free states in 1849. The signing of this act would dissipate the previous compromise and surely invite more bloodshed. This constant fighting is sure to initiate a presidential response- can the conflict over slavery be ended peacefully?