What's Happening in Biology

End of Year!


Welcome to your LAST weekly newsletter!!! We are that close to the end of the year! (well kinda)

We are in EOC review time! To review, I have put together a plan for an EOC Cram Notebook! I have composition notebooks to give to the kids tomorrow and I have put together the EOC standards that the students need to know to do well on the EOC in a few weeks. We will be putting them together as a class and be reviewing the material at the same time. This will be their golden ticket to study to really do well on the EOC when we take it. I highly encourage you to sit with your kids in the evening and go over it and help reinforce what we cover in class. Here is our game plan of what information will be in it on what days. *keep in mind I have only listed the days we meet due to EOC schedules.

Monday (4/27) - Scientific Method and Cells

Tuesday (4/28) - Transport, Photosynthesis and Respiration, DNA, Cell Division and Genetics

Thursday (4/30) - Evolution and Biogeochemical cycles

Monday (5/4) - Ecology

Tuesday (5/5) - Ecology

Thursday (5/6) - Practice Multiple Choice EOC

Friday (5/7) - Practice Performance Event EOC

Monday (5/11) - Go over practice tests and address last minute questions.

Wednesday (5/13) - TAKE EOC

Just a reminder, the EOC is worth 10% of the student's final grade. After we take the EOC, we will be doing some discussion on the human body and a couple quick experiments till we are done with this school year on Thursday 5/21.

Let me know if you have any questions, I hope you have a great rest of the school year and enjoy your summer!


Mrs. Weiss