The Korean War

Shay & Holly

Causes of the War

Growing concern of communism, the invasion of South Korea by North Korea, and the division of Korea were the causes of the Korean War.

Effects of the War

The Korean War was one of the most destructive and brought economic and social damage to Korea. Nearly 4 million Koreans died throughout the peninsula. ⅔'s of them were civilians. It also brought social damage, especially in the North. The war reinforced the boundaries between North & South Korea. North Korea stayed a communist nation while South Korea became a free republic.

Human Toll

The human toll of the Korean War was 2.5 million people.

The Battle of Pusan Perimeter

The Battle of Pusan Perimeter occured on August 4, 1950 & ended on September 16, 1950. It was a battle between United Nations & North Korean forces. The United Nation brought to bear hundreds of units from member countries including: South Korea, the United States, & the United Kingdom. Combat Fatalities - 3,603.

President Harry S. Truman

President Harry S. Truman sent troops to Korea to help them in the battle. He sent air, land, and sea forces to Korea.