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To become a Nurse Technician I must....

Nurse techs must have high school diplomas and are often enrolled in accredited nursing degree programs. Many nurse tech jobs are only available to students studying to become registered nurses. To qualify for a nurse tech position, a student must have completed at least one semester of a nursing program. Coursework in a nursing degree program includes topics in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and clinical patient care.

Certification or Testing Requierments for a Nurse Technician

  • While nurse techs are not licensed professionals, some state nursing boards require that they be certified. Many employers also prefer to hire certified nurse technicians. The National Healthcareer Association (NHA) is a nationally approved organization certifying nurse technicians. According to the NHA, becoming a certified nurse technician (CNT) increases job opportunities, especially in states requiring or considering certification (
  • Applicants must complete an approved training course or have at least one year of relevant work experience to register for the certification examination. CNTs must complete at least five continuing education credits every year through the NHA or a local program to remain certified.

Salary Range for a Nurse Techinician

Its from $10.74 to $11.91

Year Salary Average lists the national average annual salary for nurse technicians as $26,838.

Career Fields

Length of requirements

2 years 40 hours per week