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News and information from LaPerche Elementary-January 2016

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Happy New Year!

The LaPerche faculty and staff look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, Monday, January 4 as school reopens after the winter break. We plan to return to school full of new energy and fresh excitement about teaching and learning at LaPerche!

What new goals will we achieve? What new challenges will we overcome?

We can't wait to see our how far our students will fly during 2016!

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LaPerche Event Survey

There have been some discussions at PTA meetings around the boys choice and girls choice events at LaPerche. The discussions center around the types of events and if we should host more family events instead of one gender or the other.

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from all our families!
Please take a few minutes and share your opinions with the school!

Please fill out the LaPerche Family Events survey. To fill it out, visit:

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Performance Report Envelopes***Please sign and RETURN TO SCHOOL!

Thank you to all LaPerche families who were able to meet with the LaPerche teachers during conference time to discuss your child's performance! At LaPerche, we value your input! Please sign and return your child's performance report envelope as we will use the same one for each trimester.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress at any time, please reach out to your child's teacher by calling the school at 231-6652 or emailing the educator.

All email addresses can be found on the school website at When you visit the staff directory page, please click on the first name of the staff member. This will bring you to a new page. Then, copy and paste the email from that new page. When you copy and paste an email address from the main page, it becomes distorted. We are working to fix that problem.

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PTA Meeting/5th Grade Committee Meeting--Thursday, January 7 at 6:30/7:30

Please join us at our next PTA meeting on Thursday, January 7 at 6:30 where we will review the results of our survey listed above and discuss other upcoming events.

Following the PTA meeting, the 5th grade committee will meet at 7:30. Please come out and share your opinions and ideas.

For all upcoming events, please visit the LaPerche website at