Health Job Descriptions

What to choose?

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  • Psychologists are people who study behavior, emotions, and thinking processes of humans to better understand their behavior and why they do the things they do. They are professionals who are trained and educated to assess, diagnose, and treat mental disorders by using therapies that are either individually, with children, families, or groups.

  • Education: Most psychologists have at least a masters degree in their field of study. The usual requirements to become a psychologist require a doctorate in psychology which is obtained 4 or 5 years after getting a bachelors degree. They must have a year of internship and pass an examination required in their state.

  • Salary: ranges from $30,000-70,000 annually
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Physical Therapist

  • Physical therapists are professionals who provide services to people who have impairments, disabilities, or any changes in physical function or any health status that resulted from injury, disease, or other factors. They may chose to concentrate on neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, or cardiopulmonary related problems.

  • Education: To become a physical therapists you need to graduate from either a clinical master’s or a clinical doctoral degree program. Studies need to include anatomy and physiology, skeletal and neuromuscular disorders, therapeutic techniques, educational methods, research, administration, and clinical practice. Graduates from the programs accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association must complete a licensing examination given by the Federation of state boards of Physical Therapy.

  • Salary: Ranges from $45,000-85,000 annually

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Registered Nurse

  • A registered nurse, or RN, is someone who cares for patients and promotes their physical, mental, and social well being. They are the ones who monitor a patient's status, progress, provide care and rehabilitation, administer medication, and advise patients and family on preventative health care measures.

  • Education: In order to become a registered nurse you have to complete an accredited professional nursing program. This can be at a community college that awards an associate degree in nursing or an associate’s of applied science. They also need a baccalaureate program that gives a bachelors degree and diploma programs that are hospital based and award diplomas and/or associate degrees.

  • Salary: Ranges from $39,000-71,000 annually

What Would I Choose?

Personally, i was more inclined to a registered nurse but after looking and searching about new options I started to get interested into being a psychologist. Why, you may ask. It just seems really interesting that people are able to know how a person is like just by observing their behavior.