A Step from Heaven

By: An Na


The book is about Young Ju. When she first hears about Mi Gook(Korean for America). She thinks her parents mean heaven. But when they move from Korea to southern California. The sudden transition is far from easy. From attending school, work and how they talk from Korean to English.

Summary for the whole entire book

When 4 year old Young Ju first hears Mi Gook. She thinks her parents mean heaven. She thinks her parents mean they are moving to paradise. She thinks that her and her family are going to heaven. After flying through the sky she finds out that Mi Gook is a regular place called America. It doesn't feel like heaven at all. A Step from heaven actual follows her all the way till college. She changes from a hopeful girl to a harden adult. It is very hard for Young Ju for when she is growing up. Young doesn't speak English or even understand it either. She is struggling to become a "Mi Gook" girl that her mother wants her to be. Which means for her losing some of her Korean identity. But just as soon as she gets used to the American culture her parents are afraid that she has forgotten her past. Young Ju doesn't want her American friends to see how "weird" her parents are. So she never has them come over at all. She lies over her friends and family. Instead of fixing the problem. She serves herself of making her more lonely. Worst of all her father has a big drinking problem. He said that he would stop after they left Korea but hasn't. In fact it has gotten worse.They think that no one can help him with his drinking. Which makes Young Ju worry for her and her mother's lives.