Delran Electricity Challenge Week


Everyone can make a difference in saving energy!

Delran Township Schools four Green Teams hosted an Electricity Challenge Week from March 20th-24th. Two weeks prior to the event, the Support Services Staff collected and reported the data from the electricity meter. Through the daily tracking of energy usage by day, an average of usage was calculated, comparing the normal usage versus conservation week usage. The drop in energy consumption for three of the schools was clear. Our Green Team students and leaders were the eyes and ears of energy usage during the Energy Challenge Week, and their efforts are to be commended. As we continue to move forward with our sustainability discussions, we hope to make our changes in behavior a part of what we do each day. Through substantial savings in our $500,000 annual electricity budget, each one of us can make a difference.

Millbridge decreased energy consumption by a total of 71%!!!!

Calculations for the challenge were based on average percent decrease formula (initial average energy use minus challenge week energy use, divided by initial use). DMS and DIS were big winners in energy savings too, with a 20% decrease each.

Delran Schools are a part of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools Program

All of the district schools are participating in the program and Delran High School was certified in 2016 with 165 points (read the Delran High School Certification Report) and Millbridge Elementary School was certified in 2015 with 155 points (read the Millbridge Elementary School Certification Report). Delran Intermediate and Middle School hope to become bronze level winners this certification cycle. The student green teams in Delran are impressive, with over 250 active participants at the four schools.