Mackinac City and the U.P.

It is amazing up there!

Great ice cream

When i go to the tip of Michigan i always get ice cream every day with my family and my cousins. I get mint chocolate chip. We finish and go to our hotel to get warmer clothes on.
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This is the exact place that we go to to get ice cream, every time we go there.
Mackinac Island
Here's a video on how awesome Mackinac Island is is!
Mackinac island's fudge is so good! We get peanut butter fudge with chocolate and we get plain chocolate fudge. I look forward to getting that fudge every time we're on that ferry.
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The Reason why i like to go up to the U.P. and mackinaw city...

I like going up there with my family and cousins because we have a blast, learn new things, and we just visit new places. We bond too. We go there every year.
We went to a light house and a person that was in there showed us around in the light house and taught us a few cool facts.we all could out the window and see things. I saw the Mackinac Bridge.
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We also go to to the U.P.

Up where the U.P. is, is where we bike around the whole entire island. We stop at where there are places for you to visit if you are going around the island. We also stopped because we wanted to eat our lunch. While I was eating, i watched my brother and my dad try to pile rocks as high as they could. We go to the U.P. on a ferry, it's so much fun!
Thanks for watching! And I hope you go to either one of these places or both and have fun!