Iwo Jima Momorial

Iwo Jima Momorial

Hello my name is ayden, and i will be telling you about the iwo jima memorial

The iwo jima memorial was made in Virginia. I will tell you what city it is in the state of Virginia latter around the end of the paper.What this monument is based off of is a event that happened in world war two. (www.archives.com)

Were this event happened was on a Japanese island called iwo jima. United states Military

Was storming the island of iwo jima and the Japanese soldiers were putting up a fight but the u.s soldiers were to. When the allied soldiers made it to the top of a tall hill on iwo jima the allied soldiers placed an american flag. An a photographer took a picture of them when they raised the flag. (www.ww2history.com)

When people back in America were shown the picture of the allies raising the flag.

It gave them Hope. That things would get better. They had parades because of the flag raising.

And there were picture all over of the allied men raising the flag.


The iwo jima war is a national monument in Arlington, Virginia, United States. Dedicated 61 years ago in 1954, it is located in Arlington Ridge Park. The war memorial is dedicated to all U.S. Marine Corps men who have died serving the United States. The iwo jima memorial.


I hope you enjoyed learning and listening to information about the memorial of the iwo jima flag

Rasing. And i would like to give cradit to "ww2.history.com" for the information to help me make this paper


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Sunday, Sep. 12th 1954 at 10:30pm

Arlington, VA, United States

Arlington, VA