Did he really freed the slaves?


In recent years Lincoln was known as the American hero who had set the slaves free. But what you really don't know was that he was no hero, and if could have won the Civil war without setting them free, he would. He used them as a military force to guarantee a victory against the Confederate, and eventually freeing them for foreign trades purpose and the hyphen growth of a anti slave trend that was spreading in the North.

Freeing themselves

Behind the story

In this age and decade, many people don't understand the actual pain, and unfortunate events these slaves had gone through. They spent their years growing up in a world where they are being look down upon, and discriminated against, because of their skin color. There was countless fights and situation that showed how brave they are, and how much they were willing do just for freedom. Although none of these events were recorded, they were the important situation that eventually led Lincoln in signing the documents that had set them free. But even with Lincoln putting a law up against slavery, thousands of slaves were still kept as slaves, as the proclamation only free slaves in those rebellious country.