Dwight School Libraries

Trimester 1 Updates

Trimester 1 has been Busy in All Three of Dwight School's Libraries!

At ECD, work continues on integrating the ECD library into the same library management system used at the main campus. ECD patrons and books have been entered to the system and barcodes are being added to all the books. All three Kindergarten classes enjoy weekly library classes and checking out books!

In the Lower School, first graders have been learning how to make good book choices through browsing, while second graders have becoming expert index users. Third graders have been learning the parts of non-fiction books and fourth and fifth graders have been learning to use the online catalog and online databases.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders have the option of joining lunch time book clubs.

The MS/US Library has seen a wide variety of activities, from sixth graders brainstorming what it means to be an IB Learner in the library and learning to RAP (a method of paraphrasing), to tenth graders learning strategies for avoiding plagiarism. Students in grades 6-12 have also taken advantage of book talks, reader's advisory services, and individual research assistance.

Other highlights:

Circulation across the libraries is up 31% from Trimester 1 last year.

Work continues on a Library scope and sequence. Librarians are now examining the scaffolding of skills from K-12.

Take a look at some of the other exciting things happening in our libraries!

MS/US Library Fiction Collection Revamped

On November 16, eleven Anglo and Franklin House students volunteered their morning without school to help rearrange the MS/US fiction collection. Instead of all fiction being arranged alphabetically by author, the collection is now split into ten genre categories, such a mystery, relationships and romance, and historical fiction. Having all the books of a particular genre together will make it easier for library users to browse and find books they want to read.

Author Visits Sixth Grade

George O'Connor visited the 6th grade during their study of Greek mythology. He even drew gods or mythological creatures for all the students.

Take a look at Mr. O'Connor's books in the Graphic Format Books section of the library or check out his website at www.olympiansrule.com

Fifth Grade Reading Buddies Choose Books to Share with Second Grade

A regularly scheduled activity in Timothy House is Reading Buddies.

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grade will be matched with a

younger grade and a time set aside for shared reading.

Reading buddies is about books and reading but it is also about

students becoming comfortable with older and younger students.

By sitting for a half hour or so with another age group and choosing

books for a short read, students learn about each other and about a

variety of books.

This year, the fifth grade teachers, Rachelle Watson and Ron Posner,

approached our Timothy House librarian, Susan Lissim with a

request. They thought that an additional connection could be made

if the students selected the books to share with their reading buddies

from the library.

During library, fifth graders discussed what made a good book to

share with second grade students and then each fifth grader chose

two books from a pre-selected collection.

Below fifth graders are showing their book selections as they check

out with Mrs. Lissim.

Eighth Graders Create Book Trailers

Eighth graders began the year in English and Technology investigating different ways to share the same message. Ms. Martin worked with students to help them understand what makes a good book talk (a short presentation designed to persuade others to read a particular book) and a good book trailer (think movie trailer, but for a book). Students created a book talk and a book trailer for the same book. After finishing both assignments, students reflected on how the format of the message impacted what information they shared about the book and on benefits and drawbacks of each format. An example of a book trailer is below. All trailers can be seen at http://dwightschool.wikispaces.com/Dwight+Library
Murder on the Orient Express Book Trailer