Death Penalty

By: Lorena Castillo

Should the death penalty be allowed?


  1. It teaches the condemned nothing

Take murder for instance, how is the murderer supposed to learn from his mistake in prison if he is just put to death.

2. It does not dissuade

The murderer has foreknowledge of the death penalty, why do people still murder others? It's not changing criminals minds then its serving no purpose.

3. It is hypocritical

The goal of the death penalty is to teach us the things we should not do, but the justice system kills the criminal just like he did. If the justice system is showing us what not to do then why are they doing it?

4. It is always cruel

We should have a right to live, so let them live. They will end up dying anyway.


  1. It is the ultimate warning

The murder having knowledge that he will suffer the consequences of death, might not actually commit to doing it thus backing down.

2. Provides closure for victims

The families of the murdered person are often more content after the death penalty because they no longer have to worry about the murderer.

3. It's all that would be criminals fear

Some would-be criminals actually fear death and this prevents them from committing the crime.

4. It's the best answer to murder

You don't want to take risks that the criminal could somehow escape prison and kill more people so kill him this way he can't hurt others.

My opinion?

I think the death penalty should be allowed. I think that there are some cases where it's for the good of all to just kill the criminal. The death penalty should be highly selective though because most of time it's best to let the criminal suffer in prison.
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