Galileo Galilei

Renaissance Scientist

Galileo's Early Life

Galileo was born at Pisa, Italy, on February 15th, 1564. Galileo's father, Vincenzo Galilei had taught Galileo how to play music, and wanted him to study music, or medicine. Galileo was a college dropout, and started tutoring people in mathematics as a job. At around that time Galileo began to take an interest in astronomy, and science. One of his first scientific discoveries happened inside of the church.

Galileo's Achievments

Galileo was a very successful man with many great achievements. He are some of those great achievements that he made.

  • He proved Copernicus' theory of the Sun being the center of the universe, not the Earth.
  • He proved that objects of different weights fall at the same rate.
  • Improved the telescope so you could look into space.
  • Discovered that the moon was rough and uneven.
  • And last he discovered the first four moons of Saturn (Supporting the Copernicus Theory).

Galileo's Impact

Galileo was a very important and famous person that impacted how we study science, and space. He showed us that no matter what we should always ask questions and try to prove, or disprove information. He also showed us that you should not back down for what you believe in.

Interesting Information

  • Galileo started inventing things only for the mere purpose to support his family.
  • He became blind in 1637 due to an eye infection.
  • In 1633 Galileo was brought up to the church to confess his scientific "errors".

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