Sendera Ranch Elementary News

4th Grade Edition - September 18th

Ranch News and Upcoming Events

September 30- October 1st- Writing Benchmark

October 6th-9th- Parent Teacher Conferences (look for sign up info in email and coming home this week)

October 9th- Report Cards AND Big Kahuna delivery

October 10th- Early Release

October 13th- NO SCHOOL- Columbus Day

What are we learning about in Language Arts and Social Studies?

By the end of this week (9/19) your child should be able to...

-Identify cause and effect relationships

- Discuss characters traits and how they effect the theme

- Explain how characters change in a book through a readers response

-Make inferences using background knowledge and text evidence

-Draw conclusions based on given evidence

- Understand the importance of The Constitution and Constitution Day. (Social Studies)

- Know when you use there, their and they're appropriately

- Identify and edit run on sentences with proper punctuation or conjunctions

By the end of next week (9/26) your child should be able to...

- Ask questions about their reading to understand meaning and make discoveries

- Define revision and editing in their own words

- Supply specific feedback for a peers writing

- Understand the narrative rubric and how writing is assessed.

- Research a region in Texas and create a project with key components

- Understand the difference between to, too, and two.

- Identify and correctly use singular and plural pronouns.

What are we learning about in Math and Science?

By the end of this week (9/19) your child should be able to...

- understand patterns in our place value system.

- read, write, and say 5-digit numbers in expanded form and standard form.

- round numbers with and without the use of a number line.

- demonstrate knowledge of lab safety, lab tools, and the scientific process.

- perform repeated scientific investigations to increase the reliability of results.

- analyze data to construct reasonable explanations.

By the end of next week (9/26) your child should be able to...

- use addition and subtraction to estimate total cost.

- add whole numbers up to 5-digits using the traditional algorithm, including regrouping.

- model regrouping with base-10 blocks.

- differentiate between producers and consumers.

- describe the stages of the carbon-dioxide/oxygen cycle.

- explain the process of photosynthesis.

Other important info that may be useful!

- Please take time to review the student dress code. Shorts need to be mid thigh and no shorter. Thank you.

-The building can be cold. Please send a light jacket for your child to have if they get cold during the day.

- Please check the AMP schedule on the team webpage so your child can be prepared for PE with the appropriate shoes!

- Monthly breakfast and lunch menus can be found on the NISD website: