CVU Nordic News

week of Feb 8

Jay Peak

WOW! What a day we had on Saturday at Jay Peak. That was one heck of a hard course. I was so proud of how everyone rose to the challenge and conquered the elements. Results can be found on the webpage here.

This week

Sleepy Hollow is back open! Eli keeps giving us great snow during this snowless winter- we are so grateful to him and Sleepy Hollow- without their efforts we would be running a lot more!

Monday- distance workout at Sleepy- meet at 3:45 by the pond. We will ski until 5:00- who ever skis the most loops wins a prize. We will have a technique goal for each lap.

Tuesday- spartan intervals - a take off of the cinder block intervals we did last week! Meet at 3:45 in Molly's Meadow for warm up- intervals at 4:00

Wednesday- (race has been moved to Thursday) we're going to break down and classic ski- I'll even break out the klister if we have to! Meet at 3:45 by the pond to wax

Thursday- CHS Costume relays!! Relays are now at Sleepy Hollow. Dismissal is at 2:00, bus leaves at 2:15- bus will be drop off only (anyone needing a ride back to CVU after the race should talk to a coach). Those with cars can drive.

Friday- waxing at CVU. Meet in classroom at 3:15

Saturday- U32 race is going to happen- just not sure where yet!

State Meet Update

We have heard from the race organizers in Bennington. The plan is to make a call regarding the Feb 27 state meet race site by Feb 23rd. IF they have to move the race it will be rescheduled for March 3rd at Rikerts. This would mean Mar 1 for skate states at Rikerts, Mar 3 for classic states at Rikerts. For CVU state skiers, you would miss 2 white days in a row. Please talk to me about any potential conflicts now. I will inform teachers of this scenario once we name the state team and know more about conditions.