All about the most diverse animal in the sea

What are Sharks?

Sharks are sea-dwelling animals. There are around 465 species of sharks, and scientists think that there are more to discover. Sharks range in size from the size of the palm of your hand to longer than two school buses. Sharks live in all of the oceans, and some live in rivers attached to oceans.

Some Things you Probably didn't know about Sharks

  • They cannot be classified as fish because, unlike fish, which have special air sacs to keep them afloat while not swimming, the ones the sharks have are filled with oil, which causes them to sink and drown if they stop swimming.
  • Sharks swim even while they are asleep.
  • Most sharks have 10 gills (5 on each side), but some sharks have 12 gills (6 on each side), and others still have 14 gills (7 on each side)!

Some of the Weirdest Looking Sharks

Some of the Most Dangerous Sharks

How to Protect Yourself from a Shark Attack

If you see a shark in the distance, maintain minimal movement. If the shark comes to attack you, aim to kick the eyes of nose of the shark(s). That will hurt and discourage them from attacking you again. If you succeed, warn other people of the danger so nothing happens to them.