the crucible

by chris and zack

showing his power

People lie and act sneaky when they try to not get caught doing things they were not supposed to be doing or in trouble.

Reverend Hale shows his power by bringing evidence of his power, which is books. In act 1 pg 36 when he says to Parris “ They must be; they are weighted with authority” when he says this it was showing the power the books gave him because they were the word of God. Hale asks Proctor to say the ten commandments in Act II: “Let you repeat them, if you will” he is showing his power here because Proctor did what he asked of him. These are a few of the evidence shown of Hale power in act 1&2.

Reverend Hale shows his loss of power through the court, because he actually started believing in the truth. Hale: “I denounce these proceedings, I quit this court!” The court was still trying to prove that everyone accused were witches and hale did not believe they were. Hale is cut off mid sentence during court with Proctor and Elizabeth. He loses his respect in the court because he does not believe in witchcraft he believes Proctor. Hale: “Is every defense an attack upon the court? Can no one---?”. This is showing his power loss he can't finish a sentence without being cut off. The court is listening to no one they see defenses as attacks against the court. This concludes my point of power loss of hale in the court he has lost all of his power because he believes in the truth.

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