Curriculum Update

Kelly Rebernak, NELSD Educational Supervisor

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Go Flyers! Beat Syracuse!

Customize instruction with state-specific resources in STAR.

Great news! You can access more than 25,000 instructional resources within the Core Progress learning progressions in STAR Reading and STAR Math. View content and data through the lens of your state’s expectations to help students practice the specific skills they are ready to learn next. Custom learning progressions map the unique skills sequence needed for students to achieve mastery in your state. To access instructional resources: STAR Reading Assessment>STAR Math Assessment, STAR Early Literacy Assessment>Record Book>Student or Instructional groups>View Suggested Skills.

Get free training in classroom technology and 15 contact hours from INFOhio

Want to become an expert on using technology in the classroom? Want to share what you've learned with your peers? Apply to become an INFOhio District/Building ICoach (“Integration” Coach).

INFOhio is looking for energetic people employed within Ohio school buildings and districts to join the 150+ member INFOhio District/Building ICoach team. People accepted to be part of the 2016-2017 INFOhio District/Building ICoach team receive free training on incorporating INFOhio resources and other digital tools successfully in the classroom and training they can then use to help their students and peers.

The training is online and can be completed any time between May and August 2016. Once training has been completed, ICoaches receive certification for 15 contact hours, which most districts accept for CEUs.

You can nominate teachers and librarians who might be interested in becoming FY17 INFOhio District/Building Level ICoaches or complete the application yourself. Click here for program guidelines. The application is available here. Applications will be accepted through April 15, and acceptance into the District/Building ICoach program will be confirmed by April 29.

New Explora for Educators; digital versions of professional journals, lesson plans and standards correlations

Explora for Educators, available at no charge through INFOhio, gives Ohio’s preK-12 educators access to a large collection of professional databases including Academic Search Premier, ERIC and EBSCO’s Professional Development Collection. In addition, Explora for Educators includes lesson plans and collections of articles covering current education topics such as differentiation, the achievement gap and online testing.

Prepare Your Students for State Testing

Make sure students are familiar with the online testing system, item types and tools they will use during testing.

  • □ Review the student tutorials covering student sign-in and navigation and online testing tools.

  • □ Student tutorials covering different items types are available under the Student Practice Resources folder. An interactive tutorial for entering equations also is available. Note that these tutorials do not include sound.

  • □ Provide students with opportunities to interact with online items in the Student Practice Site. A Practice Test Guidance Document, practice items, released items and scoring guides are available in the Student Practice Resources folder on the portal.

  • □ For grades 6-8 and end-of-course mathematics tests and the physical science test, students will have access to a scientific or graphing calculator, respectively. Interactive scientific and graphing calculators are available online under the Student Practice Resources for mathematics and science. Students also may use handheld calculators. Review the mathematics calculator policies and the science calculator policy. Make sure students are comfortable using an allowable calculator.

On Test Day...

  • □ Have available a copy of the Spring 2016 Online Testing Checklist from the portal during testing. It provides step-by-step instructions for administering the test, including the oral script.

  • □ Discuss the student information you will need on test day with the building test coordinator:

    • Student first name as it appears in TIDE and the SSID, or Student ID for students who don’t have an SSID. This information is needed for student sign-in. Test administrators may print test tickets to distribute to students on test day; guidance can be found in the TIDE User Guide.

    • Accessibility features for students including accommodations for students with disabilities and ELLs. If a student will use the text-to-speech tool, the student must use headphones. If the student is tested in a one-on-one situation, speakers are allowable.

  • □ Plan for resources that might be needed on test day

    • Review the guidance on blank paper in the Spring 2016 Directions for Administration Manual.

    • Review the criteria outlined in the department’s calculator policies for mathematics and science if students will be using handheld calculators on a mathematics or physical science tests.

    • If students taking a mathematics test wish to use paper copies of the reference sheet, download the sheet from the portal and print copies for student use during the test session. Students may not bring their own copies to the test session.

    • If students taking the end-of-course physical science test wish to use paper copies of the reference sheet or periodic table, download the reference sheet and periodic table from the portal and print copies for use during the test session. Students may not bring their own copies to the test session.

  • □ Review Appendix B of the Directions for Administration Manual for supplemental instructions for Braille, large print, oral translations and human read-aloud administrations.

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K-3 Teachers- Open Court Reading

Check out this resource we are considering as a possible ELA curriculum!

OCR – You Tube
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K-5 Teachers- Reading Wonders & ReadyGEN

Check out this resource we are considering for a possible ELA curriculum!

Reading Wonders:

UN: rw2017

PW: demo2017


Username: NationalLiterature
Password: Review2015