Old New York Time

February, 7 1850

People Dying

Today it has been declared that a Cholera epidemic has taken over our beautiful city and people are already dying. We have no way to stop because of how dirty places in the city are, so we will have to let it play out it's course.


Today nativists are saying that we are all going to lose our jobs if we don't start listening to them. The say that immigrants are taking our jobs one by one, and we have to stop them.


The new industrialization in cities are leading to more people flocking to them. We are predicting a 10% increase in population in New York City by 1851.

Calls for Help

Here in New York City, we need help. We basically have no Police and Fire Department and our waste is pilling up everywhere. If you are reading this and want to volunteer to help, head to city hall and you can talk to Mayor Low about getting a job.


We are pulling in immigrants from other countries. They are fleeing from their countries to get away from bad rule, famine, and other things. We are all to willing to give them a home and a job, and get them off the street.


Lots of Irish immigrants came here without anything, and are going to work on the railroads, lots of German immigrants who came here with some money are going to start farms.


We need better living conditions for our tenements, walls are half up, support beams are cracked, 20 or more people living in one room is not good for their, or their children's health. Such dirty places are why we have an epidemic in our city right now.

Middle Class

More people are setting out to become middle class and are less are trying to become rich. The middle class have good, big homes and are have money to supply themselves.