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iQLife To Launch iqkonnect, a NEW SOCIAL NETWORK

A new social network, iqkonnect, will soon be released to the public. iqkonnect will reward the users with reward points for their social networking activity like inviting, connecting and sharing. The reward points can be traded in for gift cards for products and services from hundreds of retailers that have signed on.
iqkonnect - iqkonnect review and invitation

You can only join iqkonnect by recieving an invitation

iqkonnect is still in BETA TESTING. It is expected to be released very soon. Expectations are that it will be ready to go by late Summer or early Fall of 2014.


You can reserve an invitation from us, the IQPowerTeam by visiting our site HERE

The IQPowerTeam is a group of like minded individuals who banded together to reach around the globe utlizing the iqkonnect social network. The IQPowerTeam is currently on the BETA and we will be one of the first people to send out the original invitations when iqkonnect goes live.

You can be one of the first people to sign up for iqkonnect when it goes live. Just click HERE to reserve an invitation.

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You will be one of the first to recieve an invitation to iqkonnect.