Trouble Sleeping?

Best Foods To Eat

National Sleep Foundation

NSF recommends a person receive atleast sleep 7-9 hours each night. However, the average American only gets 6 hours of sleep.

How much are you getting a night?

Benefits of Exercise and Whole Foods

Regular physical activity is as important for good health as it is for weight loss and maintenance. Studies show that exercise helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. It can lower blood pressure and boost the immune system. Being active can also increase your energy level, help you sleep better, improve your mood and self-esteem, and just plain help you feel better.

The Four Pillars of Health "L.E.A.N.": Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

Nurture Your Health

Understand the Fundamentals of Good Health

L.E.A.N. Start Online - LAST DAY TO REGISTER (2/10/14)

Monday, Feb. 10th, 12:30pm

This is an online event.

As parents we all want to give our kids the best advantages in life, and this includes ensuring they are receiving a proper nutrition. With busy schedules it can be easy to rely on a drive-thru fast food meals on the go or grabbing a pre-packaged meal (a.k.a. processed food).

If you’ve been looking for help in changing your family’s eating and activity habits but did not have time to attend a class outside your home, then the Dr. Sears L.E.A.N. Start Online Workshop would be a great online tool to consider.

Week 1 - Traffic Light Eating and Portion Control
Week 2 - Breakfast and Grains
Week 3 - Veggies and Fruits
Week 4 - The Skinny on Fat
Week 5 - Power up with Protein and Play
Week 6 - Water


Dr. Sears' Top Baby Sleep Tips
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