Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Dec. 1st-5th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello Everyone!

It was so nice to have a short holiday and a week was just long enough to start missing everyone and wondering how the holidays went. I was really happy to see everyone this morning. I swear that everyone grew and changed in the short time we were apart!! (That picture over there is from August to prove I'm not craZy!!)

Today has been an odd weather day. Please, please, please, check the weather each morning. It's our week to go outside for PE and they do monitor the temps before and during outside classes. Our recess schedule will also follow this protocol so remind your child to dress appropriately for the weather!!

  • Cold tolerance and appropriate dress/shoes: We will go outside if the temp or wind chill is 35 or higher. We'll use National Weather Service as our guide.

Dates to Remember

Dec. 1-12th: Williamson County Brown Santa Toy & Book Drive at Sommer (bring in items suited for birth - 18 years: books, toys, lotions, games, etc.)

Dec. 3rd: Early Release today at 12:45

Dec. 4th: HOLIDAY MEAL for 1st, 3rd, and 4th graders! Make plans to come eat with us if you can!! We'll have TONS of room that day.

Dec. 13th: PTA Candyland

Dec. 17th: Mrs. C's Birthday!! Woo Hoo!! Time to Celebrate!!

Dec. 18th: Last day of school and our Winter Party

Dec. 19th-Jan. 5th: Winter Break Holidays

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading: We will be working on making inferences and supporting our ideas with text evidence again this week. We'll also look over our Benchmark tests and I'll post the grades (not counted in the average) for you to see once we have corrected the tests.

Writing: We are looking at procedural text (How To's) this week. The class really enjoys this type of writing so help them find examples for a little homework they are doing.

Grammar/Spelling/Handwriting: We are continuing our work through the cursive alphabet. Spelling is only in the classroom this week and we're continuing our look at verbs, nouns, and adjectives through our writing unit.

Math: This week we start our fraction unit. We'll review then go into writing fractions using numbers, equivalent fractions, figuring out fractions using sets of items, and eventually we'll add fractions! Wowzers!!

Social Studies/Science: We will begin a study of landforms using the information we learned last year in second grade. This time, we'll use the information we've gathered to compare and contrast characteristics of landforms.