Monthly Team Meeting

Our team is growing and in great momentum!

We are 11 Arbonne Independent Consultants strong!

Join fellow team members to share, learn, grow, and EARN.

Put it on your calendar now...

And every 3rd Monday of each month thereafter.

Team Meeting

Monday, April 21st, 7-9pm

4709 Olde Village Ln

Dunwoody, GA

April Agenda

Come Prepared:

  • This will be the first time we will all be together, so come with an open mind...we all have something to learn from each other!
  • What is the recipe to a successful Arbonne business? I have wanted to know, but with so much information out there, it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start. Bring your questions and calendars!
  • I had the pleasure of being with Donna Johnson, Arbonne ENVP, in January. We will be reviewing her approach to presentations. Please preview her 2 part presentation (15 minutes each) at:

Janey Hoag

Arbonne Independent Consultant