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May 9, 2016

Aladdin Under the Stars

The SMS 8th Grade Dance is set for Friday, May 13th from 6:30-9:00 PM in the SMS Great Room. All SMS 8th graders are invited to attend. The event will be chaperoned by parents and staff. Admission is $3 and light refreshments will be available.

This is not a prom or formal dance. Girls are encouraged to wear anything from school clothing to spring dresses, and boys are encouraged to wear anything from school clothing to collared shirts and ties. A class picture will be taken at 7:30 PM and all attendees will receive a free copy courtesy of the SMS Student Council.

In order to attend the dance, students must be in class all day on Friday (no early exits for hair appointments). Students must not be removed from any class for behavioral reasons the day before or the day of the dance. Make good choices and enjoy the dance with the Class of 2020!

Spring Picture Wrap Up

Spring Picture Wrap Up starts on Monday. If you signed for pictures last week, it is your responsibility to either return the pictures OR the money! These items will be collected each morning from 7:45 to 8:00 AM in the hall between the cafeteria and great room. Look for the rolling cart!

Remember that your packet pick up signature was your promise to be responsible! You have until Friday, May 20th to return your pictures/money. Students that fail to return their pictures or pay for them will be restricted from year-end team celebrations. Check with your parents regarding their picture plan and get them returned or paid for soon! Thanks!

It's Still School

Counting today, we have 14 days of class remaining. Each and every day is a school day. This means that we have high expectations of you each and every day. Don't fall prey to 'random acts of stupidity' thinking that misbehavior now 'won't be a big deal.'

Finish the year with class and WITH your class. Don't skip school work. Your grades are still in play. Don't break our school behavior rules thinking that 'I'll only be suspended a few days.' Acts of misbehavior now may result in students starting next fall on suspension or even on expulsion. We have much to celebrate as we conclude this successful year. Enjoy your remaining days with your teachers and peers. But continue to meet your academic and behavioral expectations.

It's still school.

Big Events

Everyone is invited to the SMS/SHS Spring Choir Concert on Tuesday, May 10th! The event begins at 7:00 PM and will be held at the SHS McClain Hall.

Explorer and Voyager students welcome Civil War Re-enactors to campus on Friday, May 13th. Eighth graders will visit an encampment and learn about Civil War living, medicine, tactics, and weaponry. Weather permitting, the group will fire a cannon at the end of the day! All students are welcome to join the cannon fire!

SMS 7th graders will get a dose of reality on Friday, May 13th with the annual Reality Store. About 30 community volunteers will join us for the event. All students will get a custom experience where they make life decisions and learn to live within an income!

Congratulations to...

SMS Spelling Bee Winners!

6th Grade Champion Javis Roush

6th Grade Runner Up Kensley Gambrell

7th/8th Grade Champ Jarin Cox

7th/8th Grade Runner Up Logan Parker

2016-2017 Student Council Officers

President Avery Kendall

Sr. Vice President Lyla Waskom

Jr. Vice President Jenna Buckner

Secretary/Treasurer- Johnathan Perkinson

iPad Turn In Plans

It's not too early to start preparing for SMS iPad Turn In Day on Monday, May 23rd. All students will turn in their iPads and chargers on that day. iPads will be wiped and updated for next year. Sixth and seventh graders will get their same iPads back next year. Ensure that you don't lose any key images/files by making sure that all important work is moved to Google Drive.

During turn in, all iPads and charging cords will be checked for damage. Parents will be billed for any damaged iPads, chargers, or Otterboxes during the summer.

Calendar Clues

Mon. 9 A/Connect: Jump Start 6 INQ, SES/VFES 5th Tours, Archery 3-4:30, Tennis @ Clarksville, MSC Track @ Salem, Softball @ New Wash, Golf v. Austin

Tue. 10 B: Jump Start 6 INQ, VO to MASP, JES/LES Tours, Archery 3-4:30, SMS Choir Concert 7 PM, Baseball 7 v. Charlestown, Golf @ Paoli

Wed. 11 A: Cross 7:45am, EX to MASP, Archery 3-4:30, Softball v. Highland Hills, Golf @ Madison, Baseball 7 @ Seymour

Thu. 12 B/Connect: Student Council 7:15am, Archery Nationals, Tennis v. Silver Creek, Softball v. North Harrison

Fri. 13 A: 8 Civil War Day, 7 Reality Store, 8th Dance 6:30-9:00, Baseball v. Seymour, Golf @ Shawe

Sat. 14: Builders' Club Picnic 1-3 VFES

Sun. 15: Baseball v. South Dearborn

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