Ms. Ryan's Report

What's going on in Ms. Ryan's classes?

Language Arts

Sept 10 -- We have been working hard on our classroom routines including working in cooperative groups effectively, having meaningful discussions on a topic where students are free to comment on each other, and of course the important organizational skills. In addition we have been building our independent reading stamina regularly by selecting appropriate level material. Students have accesses to Accelerated Reading quizzes now too. 3 books per term is the minimum goal (2 Fiction and 1 NF)

This week we will begin reading the book Wonder where we will first start working on characterization skills as well as begin learning about point of view. This fabulous book also goes well with the Health theme of acceptance and getting along with others despite their differences.

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Social Studies

Sept 10 - Currently we are studying the geography of the U.S. All students will take a weekly quiz on 1 of 4 regions. In addition, we have been using map skills to interpret various resources and will do some brief research on an individual state in order to present the geographic information in a power point slide show.

QUIZ date reminders:

region 2 - Thurs Sept 17

region 3 - Thurs Sept 24

region 4 - Thurs Oct 2

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