4/22/2015 Negotiation Update

Starting the Conversation


We worked our way through 35 pages of the contract today taking time to discuss a few issues in depth.

Teachers as Substitutes

  • District Proposal - To eliminate the two day assignment cap for current teachers. This would mean an administrator could assign you to sub for another teacher an unlimited number of times.
  • District Proposal - To eliminate pro-rata pay for substitute teaching and revert to hourly pay.
  • Union Proposal - Bring back the option of banking hours towards additional personal days

Workload - 2 hours of discussion and brainstorming on how to effectively address workload issues

  • Union Proposal - To provide teachers with 3 professional work leave days per year (1 per trimester)
  • Union Proposal - To increase teacher collaboration time by providing 90 minutes per week during the school day for all teachers

Deferred Compensation

  • Mutual Interest - To lower initial dollar amount required for district match
  • District Proposal - To maintain flat dollar amount of match
  • Union Proposal - To lower initial dollar amount required for district match to $500
  • Union Proposal - To use percentage of salary to increase maximum match
  • District Proposal - Will share response to union proposal at future session
  • Union Proposal - To have all teachers automatically enrolled in deferred compensation program at maximum match level. All teachers have the option to opt out or decrease amount.

Personal Leave

  • Union Proposal - To add a single personal leave day to all teachers
  • District Response - This warrants further discussion and could include eliminating the sick leave deduction (2 day option) and salary deduct (2 day option) and to not allow personal days to be taken on staff development days unless approved by HR

Next Steps

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Remember to represent your professional union and wear your blue Kids Count shirts these days!