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I now present you the Varsity players which consist of seven Sophomores, eleven Juniors, and thirty-three Seniors. They're thirteen coaches, and the team also includes

two managers.

-Karina Trevino


Motivation Video from WTD Production

Winn vs Carrizo 2014 Pep Rally

Coaching Staff

There're are 13 coaches Head Coach, Offensive Coordinatior, Co-Defensive Coordination, Co-Special Teams Coordinator, Varsity Coaches, and Freshman Coaches. The Head Coach is Eric Villasenor he takes care of the over all play calls, decipline, and direction of the players. Coach Villasenor has only been a part of the CC Winn Family for two years now and our football team has never looked so good! The Offensive Coordinator is Heriberto Roiz this is his first year at CC Winn and he's doing a fantastic job. He takes care of the offensive calls and gears the offensive to the standards they need to be each day. Roiz also is the quarterback coach he gives them technique drills and coaches them to become better. Co-Defensive Coordinators are Rene Ramirez and Saul Salas. They are in charge with the drills and defensive plays the players receive. The Co-Special Team Coordinators and J.J. Iracheta Jr. and Carlos Soto they are the ones who take care of Punt Return and Kick-Off. Two varsity coaches are Ricardo Hoffman and Gustavo Varela they help out with defensive.

-Andrea Guerrero

The Girl That Holds the Team Together

You might think that all a manager does is sit around and do nothing? But I Alaysa who is a formal manager is here to tell you that you're wrong. As a manager I do a serious of things everyday it all starts at 8 am when I arrive at school, by attending to those who have equipment help pending as for helmet assistance, shoulder pads, and any type of care dealing with the equipment of a football player. During practice I also take care of any equipment error that takes place. On Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days of the week. Thursday is when I get Freshman and Jv's game attire ready, which means I pass out their game jersey, pants, and belts to about 65 players in total. On Fridays is when I multitask to the maximum. I wash the game attire that both Freshman and Jv used the day before and I also have to hang the jerseys and fold the pants not to mention they all have to be in a particular order, and this has to be done in a time spam of about one hour and twenty minutes. Also this is when I have to pack all of Varsity's game attire to give to them as soon as they get dismissed from class; which are the same as Freshman and Jv's but include socks, practice shirts, knee pads, and travel bags. Another things on my list are all the stuff we have to take to the game which consist of headsets for both down on the field and up in the media room, the famous "Black Box" that hold extra game attire, my helmet kit, the film camera's, Dante's kicking net, dry-erase boards, extra shoulder-pads, helmets, and the most important things on the list are the game balls. As you can tell I have a lot on my plate but I do it all for my football player that I consider my family. CCWINN is made up of a tremendous coaching staff and players and I am beyond honored to be part of the Varsity Football Family.

-Alaysa Ramirez

CCWINN's Trainer 'The Team Behind the Team"

The CC Winn Trainers consist of Gerardo Sanchez, Alyssa Medina, Maribel Rodriguez, Joseph Villarreal, and Hadar Ledezma. "I am Alyssa Medina one of the memebers of the training staff, and I am here to tell you how we are an essential key to the CC WINN Football Team. We've been working hard for the football team all summer. We work hard to keep each and every one of the players healthy and hydrated to prevent injuries. The staff prevents phyisical problems by, hydrating, bandaging, and taping them. As a team we are trained to work hard to insure that all student athlets in football are ready every day and all season to hit the field. Each of us give maximum effort to have everything prepared and set for them before and game. This includes: having water set-up and taping stations clean. Everything we do, we do it for the football player."

-Karina Trevino

Expectations For The 2014 Season

Many people have always doubted the CC Winn Football team but this year is the year of change. With brand new coaches comes brand new attitudes which better the team. Coach Villasenor has made sure the team has a brand new start, he has changed the school logo and has changed the whole Varsity uniforms. This is the start of something new.

-Alaysa Ramirez


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Wise Words from Coach Villasenor

"Nothing worth having in life is easy"

"Make your decisions based on winning"

-Alaysa Ramirez

How to play football

  1. Knowing the point of the game. The goal of Football is to score points by carrying the ball from a starting point on a 100-yard long by 52 yard wide field into a specially marked ten-yard-deep zone sat either end of the field called an end zone. Each team uses the end zone in front of them to score, while trying to prevent the opposing team from reaching the end zone behind them. Each end zone has a Y-shaped structure at its outside edge called the goal post, which is used to score points with kicking plays.
  2. Learn the time division. Football is divided into four quarters if 15 minutes each , with a break between the second and third periods called "halftime" that is normally 12 minutes long. While the clock is active, the game is divide into the hands of the players, and ends when either the ball hits the ground, or the person holding touches at least ine knee to the ground. When a plays is over, the players have 40 seconds to reset to ball in the middle of whatever yard line it stopped at and get into team formations before the next play must begin.
  3. Learn the flow of the game. American football is made up of two basic structural elements that guide play (kickoff and downs).
  4. Learn about the composition of a team. Each team is allowed to have eleven players on the field at once. Different team members hold different positions and have different duties on the field. Most competitive teams are actually composed of three separate teams of players, each of which is rotated onto the field to perform one type of task.
  5. Keep track of your score. The goal is to score more points than the opposing team. In the case of a tie, an additional 15 minutes overtime period is usually played.

-Andrea Guerrero