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We've Waited A Long Time For This

We dreamed about one. We wished for one. We asked for one. We watched it being assembled. We watched videos about the rules. And finally it was time to play. What a joyous time Room 116 had on our initial visit to the PRS playground. The resounding response to the playground was "More!" We are able to visit the playground daily.
The Playground

We Continue to Practice Making Mental Images

Part of being a comprehending reader is the ability to make mental images. Mrs McDevitt gave us a special poem that ends with a twist. This poem is perfect to demonstrate how a reader's thinking changes as he/she reads.
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Valentine's Day is Coming

A class list of names went home last week. We have red boxes just ready to decorate and turn into mailboxes. What a special way to end the week with a party focusing on the kindness of Room 116. You are invited to join us on Friday, February 12 from 1:20-2:05. Please come and help the room parents get the classroom "party ready" starting at 12:55. Valentines can start coming to school on Wednesday. Be sure that there is one for every member of Room 116.
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The Mystery Reader Helps Us To Welcome Februrary

Nothing like welcoming a new month with a Mystery Reader. This Mystery Reader was full of patience as he answered question after question when he stayed and joined us for lunch. It is fun to have loved ones join us in the classroom. Sign up for your turn to be the Mystery Reader.
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7:50 on Friday, February 26 for 8:00 Field Trip Departure

Just a reminder that our field trip is closer and your child needs to be at school on Friday, February 26 by 7:50. We will be departing the school at 8:00 sharp for the Baptist Health "Let's Pretend Hospital." More field trip information will be coming home this week that will include the price to transport the children.

Learners Can Dress to Promote Kindness Week

Read the flyer below and be prepared to participate. Let's be one great big twin on Friday. Please dress your Room 116 child in the red PRS field trip t-shirt (or any red t-shirt) to add to our Valentine's Day party's theme of red.
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Fish Measurement

We researched the shape of fish and made our own. We used the fish to practice our measurement skills along with some contrasting and comparison. The students did a great job of listening to one another and sharing ideas on how to create their display.
Fish Measurement

Information for this upcoming week

Remember that sight words are high frequency words in literature. These words need to be read accurately and instantly upon sight. Sight word schedule for the next nine weeks:
1.5: all, going, pretty
1.11: came, take
1.19: once, when
1.25: how, please
2.1: by, our
2.8: round, then
2.16: an, from
2.22: find, live
2.29: review

In math, we continue to measure and add and subtract. Math is incorporated into so much of our day that it never really ends.

In reading, we are spending another week to make sure we know the sounds of: wh, sh, th, ph, wr, ck. We are understanding the "ed" at the end of words can make one of three sounds: ed, d, or t.

Our ocean project of investigating the different zones of the ocean is taking off. We research animals and then discover which zone they live in the ocean.

The Biographies of Our Friends

On Friday, we created our table of contents pages in our biographies. The remaining work to do is to add the finishing touches. The biographies will be on display in the hallway if you want to do a little bit of reading before or after the Valentine's Day Party. The students have worked hard on these as we discussed the audience of who would be reading these biographies. When authors write for a purpose there is a vested interest in the final product.
Finishing Up Biographies of Our Friends

Changes in Fresh Grade's Mastery Scale

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Math Showed Up in our Poetry Journal This Week

Our poetry journal didn't make it home last week so you have two installments to enjoy this week. One is the mental images assignment from above and the second is a little ditty to help with tally marks. We can easily make tally marks but sometimes stumble when it comes to counting them. This is a great way to practice counting by fives and then some ones. While you are practicing counting tally marks, take out some nickels and pennies and do the same task just with a different resource. Return poetry journals on Monday.

Multicultural Festival at PRS on February 25!

In case this handout did not make it home, please consider how you can make this evening successful!
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Upcoming Events

2.12: Cookie Dough Fundraiser ends

2.12 Valentine's Day Party for Room 116 1:20-2:05

2.15: No school for students: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners

2.25: PRS Multicultural Night @ 6:00 PM

2.26: Room 116 needs to be at school by 7:50 for a bus departure of 8:00

3.21-3.25: Spring Break: no school

3.28: No school for students: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners

4.20: Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)