Child Soldier



"Finally, we got to the base and the sergeant doctor went to work on me. I was injected with something. I had no idea we had needles at the base, but in my condition I couldn't ask what was happening. I was given cocaine, as I frantically demanded it. The doctor started operating on me before the drugs took effect. The other soldiers held my hands and stuffed a cloth into my mouth. The doctor stuck a crooked-looking scissors inside me. My entire body was racked with pain. My bones became sour. Just when I thought I had had enough, the doctor abruptly pulled the bullet out, A piercing pain rushed up my spine from my waist to the back of my neck. I fainted."

Summary of Quote

Ishmael had just arrived to the base and the sergeant began working on him, He was injected with a needle which he did not know they had. The doctor began operating on him before the drugs took effect, and the other soldiers restrained him. The doctor stuck a type of scissors into his body. Then when he thought he had had enough the doctor abruptly pulled the bullet out. Ishmael fainted from the pain.

Why we chose it

We chose this quote because it gave the reader a clear description of the pain Ishmael had to endure during this moment over a bullet wound he had received. Being a young boy and having to face situations like these was an abnormal lifestyle he had to accustom himself to at an early age.

Why is the quote important in the story?

The Quote is important to the story because it gives the reader an idea of how the medical treatment during the war was. Drugs were used as a type of Anastasia but were not as effectively.