Environmental Study Project

Lindsey DeBartolo


The average yearly rainfall is 53.17 in and the average yearly temperature is 72.3 degrees. This weather affects the lives of residents by freezes, having to wear heavy coats in the winter and shorts in the summer, floods occurring because of all the rain, and many natural disasters.The good effects of the rain and temperatures are when it rains the grass grows because of the moisture, you don't have to water your plants because the rain is doing it, and it cools the summer days down so the temperature does not reach scorching high temperatures. On the other hand, there are some negative effects too like theirs floods because of all the rain, mud forms because the rain is giving too much moisture, the temperatures sometimes reach up to 100 degrees, and all the heat can make the air feel muggy and uncomfortable to be outside. In conclusion, there are negatives and positives to temperature and rainfall totals but it is comfortable to live here no matter what.

Natural Disasters

Some natural disasters that occurred in the last 10 years in Orlando, Florida where Hurricanes and severe tropical storms, and there names were Hurricane charlie and tropical storm Bonnie in 8/13/2004, Hurricane Frances in 9/04/2004, Hurricane Ivan in 9/16/2004, Hurricane Jeanne in 9/26/2004, Hurricane Dennis in 7/10/2005, Hurricane Katrina in 8/28/2005, and lastly Hurricane Wilma in 10/24/2004. Tornadoes that occurred in the last 10 years were Tornado in 4/25/2003, Severe storms and Tornados in 2/03/2007, and Severe storms, Tornados, and Flooding in 2/08/2007. The frequency of these events are month to month, then to a year at the most. Some of the problems these natural disasters in 2008 caused $50 billion in economic losses and $13 billion in insured losses, compared with $35 billion and $9 billion, respectively, over the past decade, and in 2005 Hurricane Katrina cause $250 billion in combined loses. 8 ways you can prepare for future natural disasters are 1. For hurricanes Plan evacuation route and learn safe routes inland Have disaster supplies on hand, Develop an emergency communication plan in case of separation Ask an out-of-state relative to serve as the "family contact", Teach family members when and how to turn off gas and electricity, Trim back dead or weak branches from trees, Check into flood insurance, Teach children when and how to call 9-1-1, and lastly make arrangements for family pets because some emergency shelters may not allow pets


The types of housing we have in Orlando,Fl is mostly 1 stories because of all the hurricanes nobody wants a 2 story house to get knocked down from a hurricane. Some American pastimes include fishing, hunting, billiards, going to the movies, shopping, riding all terrain vehicles, bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, rollerskating, watching T.V., playing video games, hangout out with friends, listening to music, gardening, swimming, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, and gymnastics just to name a few.The “makeup of people” in our community is African American, White, and Hispanic. In our community we have 8 different communities. The people in our community is very different but special in their own way.


The founder of Orlando is Aaron Jernigan. The founding date of Orlando is 1838. The population from 1890 was 2,856, and the population in 2012 was 249,562. The name "Orlando" was named after a soldier Orlando reeves. Each community has changed by more buildings appearing, more settlement/neighborhoods, and more people living here. In conclusion there are many differences from the time it was established and present day.


In Orlando,Fl animals found around are Raccoon's, armadillos, opossums, skunks, rats, mice, moles, groundhogs, beaver, coyotes, fox, birds, bats, snakes, chipmunks, deer, etc. The animals found in our community helps by maintaining the food chain, It has economic value. Many wild plants provide useful substances like timber, paper, gums etc, and wild animals products are tusk, ivory, leather, honey etc. Considering that, they can also harm the area like If an animal is killed by man it affects the food chain not only for the animals but for us too, another way is for example termites can ruin your house from chewing your wood. One animal that i find very interesting is the Flying Squirrel. I find that animal interesting because they glide between trees up to 90 meters. In conclusion, wildlife is a very important part of our community/world and we have to respect the animals that live near us.


Some cultures found in my community include Caucasian, Hispanic, and African Americans that are most christians. My culture is caucasian, christian who believes in god, christmas, and santa claus. The different cultures in my community interact by helping one another, sharing their culture with someone else whose different to show how they live, and by explaining the different ways we can work together to make the environment/community a better and safer place to live. It is pretty cool to live in a community with a different race than you own. We can all interact and make each other one.In conclusion everyone is different by race, or just by being unique, but thats what make our community one.

My Map

I pick these 5 places because i like to go to the Waterford town center to get clothes or just hang pout with my friends, Wawa because i love there subs, my house because i live there and love it, my school because i have to go there everyday, and Walt Disney World because that is my favorite amusement park and i got there every weekend. I love all of theses places becuase they are some influential in my life like school and waterford for me to have fun.


In conclusion all of these topic make up my community. They make up my community by each culture helping one another, the wildlife in charge of the food chain. The way my community works is people helping one another with anything. The residents are very nice and friendly but some have their moments. The things i like about my community are the people because they are just friendly. On the other hand, the things i dislike is the location of my neighborhood because its not a gated community. The role nature plays in my life is the food chain and that helps a lot because without the animals in my community we might not have the resources we need.