Catacombs of Paris

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Catacombs of Paris

Located in Paris,France the Catacombs of Paris were created in the 18th century. They're located at least 65 feet underground. It's only about 4.2 miles long, but all the bones are neatly organized and placed in a way that displays a pattern.

Why are they so special?

The catacombs stretch under the city in Paris because of the massive amounts of deaths in the 18th century do to the French Revolution. Louis XV issued a law stating that no burials could take place do to the smell of rotten flesh being bad for businesses for perfume shops in the area. What makes this area so strange is the ways that the bones are arranged, some like hearts or crosses, some even like a circle used for ritual.

Why does it exist?

The catacombs exist because of the smell of rotten flesh in the overflowing graves. the smell was so bad that Louis XV had to make a law banning burials in Paris. Entrance to the catacombs is now illegal unless you are taking a tour, but they only show you 1.3 miles of the 4.2 the catacombs take up.

Interesting Facts

It is the largest necropolis in the world. At the entrance to the catacombs, there is a gate with a sign saying “Arrête! C'est ici l'empire de la Mort“ which means "Stop! Here lies the Empire of Death".


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