My Ideas


Short clips of practices and performances are enjoyable. I would like to continue incorporating videos throughout all social media outlets. It successfully captures what pictures cannot and I think it's popular among the followers.


Parents, Forevers, and friends are allowed to upload and share pictures throughout the year through a Shutterfly account only accessible to those who know the password. There is an option to download photos for free and with the consent of the photographer, this would be my secondary source for photo options. I would primarily use my Canon camera and iPhone to capture whatever on the spot. Both cameras have excellent lenses for great quality. Facts and Information for captions would be gathered from the Rangerette Showcase.

Other Social Media Accounts

I am aware of the difference in managing the Snapchat and Youtube accounts. As Social Media Manager, I would post more on the Snapchat account in comparison to other accounts, but not to an extreme and with appropriateness always in mind. Snapchats are a closer, inside look for fans, which I think is great. However, I will value privacy and monitor urgency while snapchatting. The Youtube account is easily accessible to anyone who simply searches "Rangerettes." It has some great footage of important events throughout the year, but I feel that it could get used more than it has in the past. I would like to keep the Youtube account active and would share links to videos through other social media outlets.

76th Anniversary of Rangerettes

Staying up to date by posting the latest news and events involving the Rangerettes is vital. Chelsea did an excellent job of managing all accounts, there was always something new to look at and she made her posts interesting. Striving for frequent posts with meaningful content is the key to moving the Rangerettes in a positive direction.