WC Religon Project By: Dylan Miller

  • The followers of Christianity are called Christians.
  • Christianity's Holy book or Sacred book is called the Bible
  • There symbol is a cross which is how there taught to believe that there Holy Lord is God/Abraham
  • Christianity's place of Worship is called a Church
  • The Christians are taught to believe that God created earth and created all people and all living and non-living things and that he is there savior
  • A tradition is Christians can get Baptized and that means that they have completely excepted god
  • There worship leader is called a priest
  • Some of there Holy days/Holidays are called Easter, Christmas, and Halloween
  • One of there main cities or places of that religion is called Jerusalem
  • A common figure to all religions is Abraham
  • A view of God to all religions is he is the creator of man kind
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