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Garrett Shannon

New Immigrants Come Aboard- Immigrant Expose

During the fifteen years of the twentieth century over thirteen million Immigrants had come to the United States to get a job or start a new life, but the Immigration Quota Law of 1924 and 1929 Act limited the number of people able to enter the United States. The choosing became very slim and very picky
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Political Cartoon

"The Awakening" Suffragists were successful in the west: their torch awakening the women struggling in the East and South. Progressives- reformers that focused on urban problems, workers and corrupt political machines.

Lusitania Down

The Lusitania was a luxury ship that was carrying civilians through the Atlantic ocean and it was shot down by a German U-boat, on May 1st 1915. There were 1,900 passengers, which was one reason why the United States joined the war. They even have a rule in all wars you're not supposed to shoot down ship carrying civilians.
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U.S. Army is for you!

The poster is saying that if you're old enough you have to sign up to go into the Army.

Teacher Fined?

A school teacher challenges the Tennessee law. He got arrested and went to trial, he was teaching about Christianity and evolution, which he was trying to make a point of freedom of speech and was fined $100 which today is a little over a thousand dollars. Fundamentalists worked hard to prevent evolution from being taught in public school. In several states, the law was passed which outlawed the teaching of Darwin's ideas or inclusion of evolution in classroom materials.

The States

Gilded Age State: Nebraska- Union pacific laid tracks

Progressive/Imperialism State: Arizona- Germany would help Mexico regain its territories taken from the US

WW1 State: Vermont- Made the bullets for the war

Roaring 20's State: Michigan- African American came here to find freedom

Classified Advertisments

Gilded Age "For Sale" Telephone, talk to people, rent $10 (back than)

Glided Age "Wanted" William Tweed- American Politician, created jobs

Progressive "Services" Improve conditions for working class

WW1 "Wanted" The War to be over

WW1 "Services" had to fill out a draft registration card for war

Roaring 20s "For Sale" Cars ranged between 800- 11,000 dollers

The Great Bambino Hits Another!

Boston MA July 11, 1914 is where Babe Ruth stared his career for the Boston Red Socks and was later traded to the New York Yankees and led the Yankees to seven World Series Victory's. Babe Ruth was an out fielder/ pitcher but he was well known for his hitting, he had 714 home runs in the 22 years he played. He ended his career playing for the Boston Braves in 1935.

Lets Jazz Things Up

Louis Armstrong lived with a poor family in New Orleans. After Dropping out of school at 11, he joined a quartet who played music for money on the streets. Later Armstrong joined the exodus to Chicago, where he was invited by Joe Oliver, to join his jazz band and could make some good money. So than he didn't have to do any labor jobs.