something to squeal about



people often think that all a pig's uses are to live, eat, and die to give us food mainly bacon. pigs have a copious amount of different uses.  fertilizer is made from processed pig hair. as one of our favorite foods, bread is obtained by utilizing the prtoein from pig hair to soften bread dough, because nobody wants hard bread. yogourt, one of our favorite snacks full of bacteria. is from the calcium found inside pig bone, see not only cows are made in all dairy products. pigs are involved in our lives more than just what we expect to find on our breakfast plate, not saying i don't look forward to it myself.



are pig products really put into bullets? the awnser to that question is yes. it's a proven fact that pig bone gelatine is used to help transport the gunpowder or cordite into the casing. did you know that when you use soap your washing your body with a part from a pig. it's proven that soap has fatty acids from bone fat act as a hardening agent and give colour. the fact that pigs provider alot for humans i dont think humans could possibly survive without pigs.