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Welcome to 2016!

I think teachers are lucky because we get two "new years": the official start of the year and of course September. Both offer the opportunity to start something new or make a change.

Something new I'm exploring this "official" new year is #oneword2016. Helen DeWaard who also wrote this month's blog post suggested the idea when she wrote about her oneword - color (or colour as we Canucks write it :) My word this year is agency. Core Education from New Zealand listed it as one of 10 educational trends in 2015. (inclusion's there too!) My masters work involves online teacher professional learning and UDL. I'm going to explore how Agency fits my two areas of interest.

What is your #oneword2016? Share it with us via Twitter or our Facebook page along with #inclusiveln

I know everyone is busy but I hope you have a chance to read Luis Pérez's brilliant piece "Finding the Light When You're Losing Your Vision". Tweet Luis @eyeonaxs to let him know how you are the light for someone.

And finally, Administrators (and aspiring Administrators) don't miss our own Mindy Johnson's webinar February 16th on Universal Design for Leaning: Top Five Ideas Administrators Need to Know. Register below.

Inclusively Yours,

Kendra Grant

President, Inclusive Learning Network

Thought Leader Spotlight: Bryan Dean

[image: Photo of Bryan Dean]

Bryan’s passion for education, UDL, students and teachers is obvious as soon as he begins talking about his work. Whether he’s describing the latest “brain scrum” held with other passionate educators, or his next Design Lab hosted at a local coffee shop, it’s clear he’s not your average educational consultant. Bryan is the Universal Design for Learning Coordinator at Oakland Schools in Michigan, a member of the CAST Professional Learning UDL Cadre, a faculty member for Harvard Graduate School of Education’s UDL Summer Institute, and a dynamic young educator.

He began his educational journey as a middle/high school teacher working with incarcerated youth & students with emotional impairments. There, Bryan discovered the power of providing appreciative coaching support to colleagues as they worked together to design learning environments that support UDL. When his role changed from school based coach to countywide consultant, Bryan wanted to continue to provide the benefits of elbow-to-elbow coach support on a broader scale, creating the UDL Design Lab.

UDL Design Labs are places where practitioners come to think through UDL principles and learn how to put them into practice in their unique settings. For example, participants bring a challenging lesson plan, a dilemma or an idea for action research and build solutions together. The Labs are open, unstructured spaces that give participants latitude to think through and design solutions. Bryan has been facilitating design labs locally for 3 years and will be bringing the UDL Design Lab onto the national scene at this year’s UDL-IRN Summit.

To learn more about Design Labs or other UDL implementation guerrilla strategies, follow Bryan Dean on Twitter at @drrevdean.

Blog Post: I remember you! How could I forget that face?

[image: Faces surrounding the text, "Finding faces in your PLN."]

Read HJ DeWaard's blog post on finding the face of others in your PLN.
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Latest News in Inclusive Learning

The Mighty: Finding the Light When You're Losing Your Vision

Fantastic post by our own Luis Pérez on light, literally and figuratively.

Harvard Gazette: Dance That Adapts to Disabilities

Read about the Boston Ballet’s Adaptive Dance Program, breaking ground in understanding dance as a potential learning tool for students with disabilities.

MiddleWeb: A New Year Brings New ESSA Possibilities

A co-teacher's perspective on the new ESSA legislation and what questions we need to ask ourselves to best help every student succeed.

We'll be accepting nominations for the Inclusive Learning Network Outstanding Educator Award starting February 1st! Stay tuned to our Inclusive LN ISTE Connects Community for more information.

Universal Design for Learning: Top Five Ideas Administrators Need to Know

Tuesday, Feb. 16th, 7pm

This is an online event.

Please join the ISTE Inclusive Learning and Administrator Networks for a collaborative webinar event! Mindy Johnson, from CAST and the ISTE Inclusive Learning Network, will share the top five ideas administrators need to know about Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

Register for the webinar today!

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