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Day 1

Day on I started at Redmond OR, I took a 14 hour flight to Jerusalem. I left Redmond at 8:00 A.M. I arrived in Jerusalem at 10:00 P.M.

I was very tried and it was dark out so I didn't go explore.

Day 2 Day 1 In Jerusalem!

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism consider Jerusalem a holy place.

I got to visit Dome of rock,The Dome of the Rock is a shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was initially completed in 691 CE at the order of Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik during the Second Fitna. The dome of rock is really cool loved it there.

Later that day i got to go to the old city of Jerusalem. There I got to seeAl-Aqsa Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque, also known as Al-Aqsa and Bayt al-Muqaddas, is the third holiest site in Islam and is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. I have never been to a place like this is was amazing! Then I went to get something to snack on before i went to bed. I am kinda scared to try there foods but I did to snack on some travel food that i brought. Tomorrow I will explore their foods.

Day 3 Day 2 in Jerusalem!

Today I am going to try their foods :/ Don't really know what to think?

For breakfast I had a bowl of fruit with a smoothie. It was really good. I was surprised that the fruit was so fresh. The only thing that was different is the taste it was a little different but not to bad.

For lunch I had a yummy sandwich with a salad for a side. YUMMY!!!!!

for dinner I had meatballs and fries with some other thing that weren't very good :(

Day 3 Day 2 in Jerusalem

People in Jerusalem kinda dresses the same as we do here in America. One of the differences is that all the men were funny looking hats. Also their clothes aren't as nice as ours and they are kinda ratty. There language The main languages spoken in Jerusalem are Hebrew in western Jerusalem and Arabic in eastern Jerusalem.
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Day 3 day 3 in Jerusalem! Time to leave!

Long drive ahead... I left Jerusalem about 8:00 A.M. Don't really want to drive for 32 hours. 1 and a half days in the car uggg... not fun. P.S. there is no good radio station here :( long boring drive with weird music .
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Day 4 Day 1 in Mecca

I arrived in Mecca about 3:00 P.M. I was really tired so I decided to go take a nap.

Places I saw on my way to the hotel!

Day 5 Day 2 in Mecca.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, consider Mecca a holy place. A holy place in Mecca is The Great Mosque. In The Great Mosque has a little building in it that Moses. A long time ago. This place is very cool to see if you ever get the chance to see don't pass up the opportunity to do so.

Mecca's food is like Chinese food. It is very good!

Day 6 Day 3 In Mecca Last Day.

People in Mecca wear a very different style than Americans do. Men wear white. Women wear black.

Other places i saw on my way out of mecca

Day 6 Day 3 in Mecca

Today I will be leaving Mecca. I will be headed to Varanasi. It is a a 5 hours 45 min. Drive there. Left at 12:00

Day 6 Day 1 in Varanasi

I had a long trip. I arrived at 5:30. The religion that considers this place a holy place is Hinduism. So Far people here are very nice! When I got to the hotel I noticed that there swimming pool was open. So i checked in and then took my stuff to my room. Then I jumped in the pool!

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Day 7 Day 2 in Varanasi!

Today I went and explored Varanasi. I got the chance to see the Gangn (holy river). This place is really cool. People come here to worship there Gods. I also saw some other places. Their food here is very good!

Day 8 Day 3 in Varanasi Last day

Today I will travel 4 hours 25 min. car ride to Bodhgaya. Left about 1 ish

Day 8 Day 1 in Bodhgaya

I arrived at 5:30. I went strait to my hotel because there was weird parties and dances on the streets.

Day 9 Day 2 in Bodhgaya

I wasn't so sure about going out side after last night. I didn't get much sleep because of the loud music the played.

Day 9 Day 2 in bodhgaya

The Mahabodhi Stupa is were the religion Buddhism worships. This is an amazing building.

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Day 9 Bye Bodhgaya

I got on a plane and took a 16 hour flight :(

Day 10

24 more hours to fly then I finally land in Redmond OR,.

Day 11 HOME!!!!!!!

I am finally home! When I got to the airport my mom And sister were waiting for me!

I had a great trip! And had a blast!


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