Cantrell Social Studies

Project Information

Advanced Content Project

Presentations begin on January 30.

Individual Displays should already be turned in.

Regular Social Studies

Australia Book Project Due:

Monday, February 2

*Colorful *Neat *Informative

Booklet must contain answers to the following questions:

1. Where are the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea, Ayers Rock, and the Great Victoria Desert located and why are they important?

2. What are the different climate zones of Australia?

3. What are the natural resources of Australia?

4. What is the language and religion of Australia and why?

5. What is Australia's literacy rate and standard of living? How are they related?

6. How does the government of Australia function?

7. What type of economy does Australia have?

8. Who were the first people of Australia?

9. What type of people were the 1st. English settlers?

10. What is the currency of Australia?