P.K. 4.4 NewsFlash

"Make every day a day to learn"

Last week, we started lists of children’s ideas and questions about clothes. This week we worked on investigations to expand their ideas, find answers to questions, and learning important skills and concepts connected to the features of clothes. We discussed different sizes in clothing, shapes that we see in clothes, and buttons and counting.

At home you can examine fabrics together, and discuss how clothes are made. Look at labels and find out where the clothes were made. Look at pictures from the past and note how the clothing differs from clothing today. Next week we will continue our exploration of clothing investigating how we take care of our clothes.

Flag Ceremony

This Monday, PK 4.4 led Flag Ceremony for pre-school! They did a great job showing other students how to stand straight and be respectful while singing the national anthem and the school song.
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Counting and Sorting

Students decorated t-shirts and practiced their counting and sorting as they classified buttons by color, size, and shape.

Being an Illustrator

Last week, students got into groups and became the authors of their own story. This week, They received their formatted stories ready to illustrate. Each one of our students illustrated their own story to complete the publishing process.

Math is Everywhere!

In the classroom we've been talking about what math is and why it is important. Students have been finding math in different areas of the classroom. Math is everywhere!

Books Read This Week...

Llama Llama Red Pajama - read by Arwen Sharp
Pete the Cat and His Magical Sunglasses
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Happy Birthday Karim!

We celebrated Karim's 5th birthday on Wednesday. his parents treated us with pizza, cake and goody bags. We all had a great time!


  • Parent Teacher conferences are next week one Wednesday October 14th and Thursday October 15th. Please sign up through the Doodle link that has been sent to you via email.
  • Yearbook pictures for PK4.4 will be taken on XX. Please send your child to school wearing the PE uniform.
  • Please send an extra shirt and pants for your child as we will be washing clothes for our outdoors activity next week!
  • UN day: UN day will be celebrated on October 21st. Please send your child to school wearing traditional clothes from your country (national colors and team jerseys are also fine). More information about this celebration will be provided by our homeroom mother.
  • Fanlyc Relay for Life starting October 17th and 8am until October 18th at 8am in the Causeway/Amador. Each round is $5 and ISP is trying to raise $500 for our own Javier Gonzales. He will be running the entire event, 24 hours!